§ 10-4. Fire Safety Re-inspections  

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  • In accordance with this section fees will be paid prior to the inspection being performed or the permit or certificate of occupancy being issued. All fees are one time only or as specified herein. Fees are to be paid by the occupant or owner of a premises or other area noted by the fire official who is in violation of a city code or ordinance as determined by a fire safety inspection. The fire chief or his designee will charge the fees as indicated herein:

    (1) Fire safety reinspections. If additional fire safety re-inspections are required after the initial inspection and two (2) follow up re-inspections due to the failure to properly correct noted fire code violation(s) within the time frame allowed by the inspecting official, or if upon the request of an individual for a re-inspection of a fire code violation, a fee will be charged pursuant to F.S. § 553.80(2)(c) as follows:

    a. Third re-inspection for the same violation(s)—A fee of fifty dollars ($50.00) for every one (1) hour or portion thereof.

    b. Fourth and subsequent re-inspections—A fee of one hundred dollars ($100.00) for every one (1) hour or portion thereof

    c. The necessity of such re-inspections will be documented by the inspector to include the condition(s) requiring such re-inspection and a fire inspection report detailing the applicable code section that has not been satisfied.

    d. Said re-inspection fees shall be paid prior to final approval being granted by the inspecting official and such approval will be contingent upon such payment.

    e. Any person against whom such re-inspection fees have been levied, and who desires to contest either the necessity for the reinspection or the amount of the fee charged, may appeal same to the fire chief in writing within five (5) working days. The fire chief's ruling may be appealed in accordance with Chapter 2, Article III, of the City of Haines City "Code of Ordinances."

    (2) Fire watch. As may be determined through a fire safety inspection or other means of notification, a "fire watch" may be required by the fire chief or the inspecting official to mitigate unusual or significant danger to life safety and/or property as a result of special effects, pyrotechnics, flame special effects, fireworks, noncompliance with fire codes or other reasons(s) as deemed necessary (and to the extent necessary) by the fire chief or the inspecting official. A "fire watch" will require the use of appropriately trained person(s) and may include fire apparatus or other specialty equipment. The cost of such "fire watch" shall be the responsibility of the party in control, the owner or other person or persons responsible for the condition necessitating the "fire watch." The Haines City Fire and Rescue shall maintain a department policy on the establishment of a fire watch and shall have the authority to approve or disapprove a person's ability to perform a "fire watch" based on NFPA 601, Standard for Security Services in Fire Loss Prevention."

(Ord. No. 05-1213, § 1, 11-17-05)