§ 2-3. Assessment of additional court costs; use for law enforcement education  

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  • (a) There is hereby assessed by the city in compliance with F.S. § 943.25(8)(a) two dollars ($2.00) as court costs against every person convicted for violation of a state penal or criminal statute or convicted of a violation of municipal or county ordinance, where such offense occurred within the city limits. In addition, two dollars ($2.00) shall be deducted from every bond estreature or forfeited bail bond related to such penal statutes or ordinances. However, no such assessment shall be made against any person convicted for violation of any state statute, municipal or county ordinance relating to the parking of vehicles.

    (b) All such assessments shall be collected by the appropriate court and shall be remitted to the city and earmarked for law enforcement education and training for members of the police department. The use and expenditure of such funds shall be in accordance with education and training programs for law enforcement personnel as determined by the chief of police in accordance with state law.

(Code 1962, § 2-4; Ord. No. 580, § 1, 8-25-81)


Offenses, Ch. 13; police, Ch. 18.