§ 2-4. Deferred compensation plan for city employees—Generally  

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  • (a) The "Government Employees Deferred Compensation Plan Act" (F.S. § 112.215), is adopted and established by the city for itself and its employees as a means of deferring compensation.

    (b) The city may be contract with its employees pursuant to the terms of an approved plan, place such deferred compensation in investments permitted by the act.

    (c) A plan of deferred compensation may be established which plan shall be approved pursuant to the act; provided, however, that, no plan shall become effective until the determinations provided for in F.S. § 112.215(6)(b), shall have been satisfied.

    (d) The city manager shall approve and administer the plan. The city manager shall also make the determinations provided for in F.S. § 112.215(6)(b).

(Ord. No. 673, §§ 1—4, 8-21-86)


Pensions and retirement generally, Ch. 16.